Know Your Why

There is one rule for a successful pursuit of whatever you desire to achieve;

You have to know not only what you want, but most importantly - why you want it. 




The reason to it is that you will never be able to generate enough discipline in trying to obtain a goal that deeply inside means nothing to you. Whenever you find yourself dragging completion of a certain action day in & day out, that is probably the best moment to ask yourself - why?


Are you pursuing your own, or fulfilling someone else's dreams?

A May Week in Stockholm

What You Do Not Want to Miss Out On

With the dark and cold days being left behind it is finally time for Stockholm to unravel its treasures. If you have ever doubted exploring one of Scandinavias most beautiful cities - there is no better time than now. Here it is how to spend your May week in Stockholm. The best way.



Ok, May doesn't start until Tuesday, but you cannot miss out on one of the literally hottest even of the year - Valborg.

The idea behind is to say goodbye to the cold winter days, and welcome Spring with open arms. And a huge bonfire.



To get the real traditional Swedish vibe make sure to pay Skansen a visit. They make it a beautiful experience since 1894; filled with live music, events, and special guests. Head over to http://www.skansen.se/sv/valborg-p%C3%A5-skansen for more information.



With Sweden ranked as the Most Sustainable Country in the World, it would be a shame not to take advantage of its green tourism. Join The Wooden Bike Tour and explore Stockholm and its most beautiful locations on a handcrafted and eco-friendly wooden bicycle. The tour lasts about 2 hours, and can be guided in English, or any other language on request.

What a better way to celebrate the bloom of Swedish Spring, than while soaking up the sun on you handcrafted, sustainable bike? 

Check out the schedule and book a truly swede-spirited bike tour here   http://toursofstockholm.com/tour/wooden-bike-tour/



Where bike won't take you - your tour guide will. 

After exploring the city's nature the time will be just right to get a little deeper into Stockholm's mysteries. 



With Stockholm Must Sees public tour you will be able to check all of the Old Town's gems off your list, as well as study on of the most well-preserved ships in the world - the Vasa Ship. Apart from a 2,5 h tour you will be taken on a cruise between Stockholm's islands -  a true Viking experience. 

Our Way Tours


After exploring city from the outside you might want to grab yourself fika at a local cafe, and soak on some sunshine in the heart of Stockholm's center - Kungsträdgården.



Transformed into an ice rink during winter this place never disappoints with its stunningly blooming trees in Spring. A perfect place to truly enjoy Stockholms May weather. Beware though, and do not take any free spots for granted - this place gets packed quickly!



Ah, finally! A day most of us look forward to since the beginning of the week, and let me tell you - Swedes are no exception. There is more than a plenty of bars to choose - from a low priced, with a special atmosphere Lion Bar with its locations spread all over the city, to a freshly established Haymarket for a more high-class experience.

After having one, or three, glasses of wine and the energy getting a little too still make sure you keep the tempo up with the English Comedy Night at Stockholm Comedy Club. Prepare yourself for an evening full of laughs and stand-up ovation as you watch some of the best comedians performing right in front of your eyes. Best part? You can leave your dictionary at the hotel room - it's all in English!



How to recover from a late Friday night in the best way possible? With food as good looking as tasty!



Create your perfect spread at one of the most trending places in town right now - the STHLM Brunch Club. Vegan, Vegetarian, Omnivore - they got you covered. Take an obligatory insta-photo, sit back, and let yourself indulge in the best brunch you have had so far. 


Make the best out of your last day by gasping at the scenic view from Monteliusvägen. 



To get there simply get off at the red line's Mariatorget station and follow the map. One of the most beautiful spots that overlook the central station, as well as a little bit of the Old Town. If none of what you have seen so far made you want to visit Stockholm again - this place for sure will. 


The Choice You Make Everyday



You have probably heard that enough times already, but happiness really is a choice. And I'm not talking about waking up every morning and deciding that 'Today is the day I am finally going to be happy!'. I mean it sounds great, but lets be real with each other. 

Where is the choice then? If happiness isn't anything that you can do, think, or touch, how do you know when you made the right choice? 

Now I can assure you that once you make that choice, you will know; hidden between your thoughts, in the way in which you look at people, in how you think about yourself. That's where starts, and... ends.


There is no secret

Another cheesy, but oh-so-true maxim - there is no secret to happiness. If you catch yourself trying to find that one way of being, of living, that one job, a person, or a thing that will just make all things pink and sparkly, you really are just fooling yourself. I am not trying to be mean, after all we all were conditioned to think that there is gotta be a solution, a way, that something that will just put us on top. We have all been taught to chase in order to achieve, to reject in order to become. When we are young we follow the guidelines set for us by the society, because we are still somewhat allowed to be ourselves, be childish, playful, do things purely for the joy they bring us. We do not need any reason to validate our choices, the only thing that matters is whether we truly want or do not want to do it. As we grow older however, our system of values starts to change. Our first priority isn't joy, or genuineness, but the values we were taught to prioritised; money, status, the amount of owned possessions.

Can you see what has changed here?

Did you suddenly wake up and just decided to not be happy anymore? Or were you just simply fooled into pursuit of the society-defined happiness?

Thinking outside the box

Another widely recognised, yet underestimated maxims. Thinking differently, going against the mainstream isn't only useful in business-talk. It's a mentality that allows to live in a true alliance with oneself.  Thinking outside the box means rejection of the already-planned for us life to create the one that truly feels right, and therefore *drum rolls* plays a key role in being happy. 




So where do I start?

The truth is that you never really stopped. It was just such a natural process when you were young that you never really questioned it, until you were taught to do differently. Being pushed around by norms, labels, and expectations might get you off the path, but it never destroys the path itself. We all get lost at some point, but the only way to really 'get back' on track is to look within yourself, not outside. Remember all that you enjoyed as a child, all that you dreamed of.

What did life feel like back then?

Why doesn't it feel that way anymore? 

What is stopping you from getting that feeling back?


Everything begins at the first step

Most importantly - do not get overwhelmed. Happiness is not, and should not be something you chase. Remember that we are all divergent individuals. We thrive off the pursuit of our own desires, dreams, passions. Start with looking at yourself - without judgement, with no expectations of what you should or should not be. Allow your intuition to take control over your ego, and notice how you feel at the end of the day. Make choices that feel right with you , be conscious of the actions to take. Don't make happiness a goal to achieve, but rather think of it as a lifestyle, a mentality. You have this life right here, as the person you are with one of a kind dreams, passions, purpose. Don't let it go to waste only because others were afraid to live according to their own uniqueness.


We must let go of the life we planned so as to accept the life that is waiting for us.”                 - Joseph Campbell          


The Real Meaning Behind Tattoos

Is that a tattoo?! 

If you ask your grandparents, or even parents in some cases (hi Mom), what they think about tattoos chances are you just set yourself up for an hour long reprimand. I mean, getting permanently inked and risking association with Yakuza or Hell's Angels? Bananas!



Is it really where tattoos originated from? If not, why are they so widely disapproved by older generations?

How it all started...

Although many might estimate for tattoos to have been around for about three or so centuries, the first ones go way back in time - we are talking 3100 BC. 

Let's see what your Grandmother has to say about this newage crap now.



Ötzi the Iceman is the oldest tattooed human mummy discovered. He was born in 3345 BCE, and was most likely a Shepard in the nowadays border mountains of Austria and Italy. Ötzi's tattoos (seen above) are speculated to be a result of some kind of a treatment, such as acupuncture or acupressure, as the majority of them are found in places where he most likely experienced pain; lower back, joints. However, the real reason behind all 61 (!) of them is still unknown.

However, rather than memories of past medical procedures, the majority of tattoos were meant to represent one's tribal/cultural affiliation. One of the most known are the Maori face tattoos, along with the Samoan styles, though they do not only depict one's membership. Maori tattoos were used to describe person's social rank, status and prestige, while Pe'a tattoos (a kind of Samoan style) were meant to serve as a protection from wild land and water animals. 

All sounds great, but something doesn't click here. If all tattoos in the past were associated with prosperity, how come they struggle with a bad reputation nowadays?

I'm glad you ask. Let's shed some more light on that mystery...

Bob the Sailor

It all started with sailors - in the 17th century tattooing was a system to identify their affiliation with a country or a certain brigade. As you probably already know, sailor enjoyed getting a little loose on their back-on-land days, which did not gracing them with a not-so-nice reputation. Such frivolous lifestyle usually led onto the dark side, turning the local Bob the Seaman into Bob the Criminal. 



And so the story goes - a domino effect. Sailors into thieves, thieves into criminals, and criminals into gangs. Of course lets not generalise - not ALL sailors turned into criminals, and not all bikers are gang members. But that is how a stereotypes arise - a behaviour pattern that reoccurs within a group of trait-sharing people. 


Save an artist - spread the positivity!

In a perfect world people would be free to express themselves in whichever way they want to, but lets be real. Stereotypes were, are, and will be around for a long time. Instead of limting your self-expression by the fear of being judged, be the one who changes the game. Let your heart and soul guide you in the process of creating yourse

First Tattoo - How do I prepare myself?

Firstly, ask yourself - what is my why?

Keep in mind that there is no good or bad answers; whether it is because you want to be a walking representation of something deep and meaningful, or simply because you like the way tattoos look, there is one rule - you have to own that. Whatever you are getting, make sure that it truly speaks with who you are. 




Secondly, do your research.

There is so many different tattoo styles to choose from you are likely to get a little overwhelmed with all the #inspo. However, it is still good to know your options beforehand so that you come prepared, and don't feel lost when your artist starts dropping terms you have never heard before. 

Even if you are getting something simple such as a symbol or a sentence, it is still good to keep the details in mind - different fonts, size, thickness of the line. Prepare a couple of different options and bring them to your consultation. That way your artist will have a better idea of what you prefer, and will also be able to advise you what would look best. 


Thirdly, study the body pain chart.

Chances are you already know where to not get your tattoo for the first time, but lets go through it just to make sure you don't jump out of your chair in middle of the session with something resembling more of a dirty scratch than a tattoo. Yikes. 

Generally, the least painful places to get a tattoo are the ones we most often expose; forearms, thighs, shoulders, back. The thinner the skin, the less pleasant it will get, so it is better to stay away from armpits, nipples, ribs, and elbow creases on your first time. 


Fourthly, cancel your trip to the tropics.

It takes about 2 - 3 weeks for a the skin to heal (depending on how big the tattoo is). You will have to moisturise the irritated skin approximately every 2 hours with a special cream, or coconut oil, so that it can nicely peel off and heal. Do NOT use any water based lotions, as they might cause the skin to irritate more. Basically you do not want the tattoo to get in contact with anything that might cause it to inflame, aka the sun, salty water, and any kind of chemicals (soap, bath salt). 

If you are currently on vacation, and you're thinking that this is the best time and place to get your first tattoo, do not worry - as long as it is in an easily covered spot, and isn't too big, you can definitely pull it off. It all pretty much comes down to common sense - take care of it until it heals, and avoid contact with anything that causes pain and/or irritation.


Fifthly, value experience and comfort above all else.

You don't want to leave the tattoo saloon feeling like you just passed by a drive through.  You might be tempted to spend less, but higher prices usually indicate a better quality service. Especially in case of your first tattoo it is important that the whole experience is something you look back at with a smile on; you should be comfortable with not only the tattoo artist, but all of the people at the studio - both the clientele & the staff. Ask around, visit places, check out social media platforms. You can earn the money back, but experience stays forever.




Most of all, relax. Yes, tattoo is something that you will carry on you for the rest of your life, but it isn't the end of the world. Make sure you are comfortable with your choice; don't let anybody pressure you into it, nor shame you for getting it. It is your way of expressing who you are, and if people judge you for the way in which you choose to do it, why would you surround yourself with such people in the first place?