A May Week in Stockholm

What You Do Not Want to Miss Out On

With the dark and cold days being left behind it is finally time for Stockholm to unravel its treasures. If you have ever doubted exploring one of Scandinavias most beautiful cities - there is no better time than now. Here it is how to spend your May week in Stockholm. The best way.



Ok, May doesn't start until Tuesday, but you cannot miss out on one of the literally hottest even of the year - Valborg.

The idea behind is to say goodbye to the cold winter days, and welcome Spring with open arms. And a huge bonfire.



To get the real traditional Swedish vibe make sure to pay Skansen a visit. They make it a beautiful experience since 1894; filled with live music, events, and special guests. Head over to http://www.skansen.se/sv/valborg-p%C3%A5-skansen for more information.



With Sweden ranked as the Most Sustainable Country in the World, it would be a shame not to take advantage of its green tourism. Join The Wooden Bike Tour and explore Stockholm and its most beautiful locations on a handcrafted and eco-friendly wooden bicycle. The tour lasts about 2 hours, and can be guided in English, or any other language on request.

What a better way to celebrate the bloom of Swedish Spring, than while soaking up the sun on you handcrafted, sustainable bike? 

Check out the schedule and book a truly swede-spirited bike tour here   http://toursofstockholm.com/tour/wooden-bike-tour/



Where bike won't take you - your tour guide will. 

After exploring the city's nature the time will be just right to get a little deeper into Stockholm's mysteries. 



With Stockholm Must Sees public tour you will be able to check all of the Old Town's gems off your list, as well as study on of the most well-preserved ships in the world - the Vasa Ship. Apart from a 2,5 h tour you will be taken on a cruise between Stockholm's islands -  a true Viking experience. 

Our Way Tours


After exploring city from the outside you might want to grab yourself fika at a local cafe, and soak on some sunshine in the heart of Stockholm's center - Kungsträdgården.



Transformed into an ice rink during winter this place never disappoints with its stunningly blooming trees in Spring. A perfect place to truly enjoy Stockholms May weather. Beware though, and do not take any free spots for granted - this place gets packed quickly!



Ah, finally! A day most of us look forward to since the beginning of the week, and let me tell you - Swedes are no exception. There is more than a plenty of bars to choose - from a low priced, with a special atmosphere Lion Bar with its locations spread all over the city, to a freshly established Haymarket for a more high-class experience.

After having one, or three, glasses of wine and the energy getting a little too still make sure you keep the tempo up with the English Comedy Night at Stockholm Comedy Club. Prepare yourself for an evening full of laughs and stand-up ovation as you watch some of the best comedians performing right in front of your eyes. Best part? You can leave your dictionary at the hotel room - it's all in English!



How to recover from a late Friday night in the best way possible? With food as good looking as tasty!



Create your perfect spread at one of the most trending places in town right now - the STHLM Brunch Club. Vegan, Vegetarian, Omnivore - they got you covered. Take an obligatory insta-photo, sit back, and let yourself indulge in the best brunch you have had so far. 


Make the best out of your last day by gasping at the scenic view from Monteliusvägen. 



To get there simply get off at the red line's Mariatorget station and follow the map. One of the most beautiful spots that overlook the central station, as well as a little bit of the Old Town. If none of what you have seen so far made you want to visit Stockholm again - this place for sure will.