The studio is located at the heart of Stockholm, in the only royal of Odenplan's caves. 

At RoyalKave we provide high quality Art and Tattoo. Our focus is to provide you with not only service, but a truly memorable experience. We strive to make your every visit a pleasant one.


The Artists

We do what we do because we love to exceed ourselves and express our passion through art in different ways . We feed of making people happy and inspire others to create.

Create – that’s what Meron Asmeron was born to do. Paint, draw, design, illustrate, tattoo… in the end, it’s art and it’s his stamp of evoking emotion out of the viewer.

What We Offer

At Royal Kave we care to satisfy a variety of our guests' requests. We specialise in body art, visual art, and cosmetic tattoos (coming soon) such as:

  • Body tattoos
  • Cover ups
  • SMP (Scalp Micro-Pigmentation)
  • Eyebrows tattoo
  • Paintings 
  • Drawings
  • Designs


Body Tattoos

Whether you already have a clear vision of your tattoo, or you are just have a mere idea of how you would want for it to look like, we are here to make sure the outcome exceeds your expectations. Our offer includes custom work, dot work, geometric, flash, polka trash, realism, and much more. Every session is conducted in highly sterile conditions, using rotary machines. 



Scalp Micro-Pigmentation is a an innovative technique in hair restoration. Applied directly onto the scalp, it creates an illusion of natural hair follicles. SMP is one of the least invasive techniques to create such a persuasive imitation of hair at the same time. The ink allows long lasting results, which means that you will not have to go for any check ups or 'refills' after just 2-3 sessions. Each session takes anywhere between 15 minutes to 4 hours, depending on how much of your scalp you wish to be treated - from a hairline re-definition to hair transplant scars, and alopecia.

We are a team of people passionate about their work, and we are comitted to always deliver a Royal service.